Friday, June 08, 2007

Campaign Life Coalition's Report on the March for Life

Once again many in the media ignored the March for Life and many of those that reported on it got parts of the story wrong – especially the number that attended. For dubious reasons most of the mainstream press chose to ignore the March or lowballed the numbers. The National Post gave it an eighth of a page but no photo and it undermined our estimate of 7000 participants by quoting a RCMP officer who “eyeballed” the crowd and said that it was half the actual number. For anyone at the March, 3500 was obviously way off; perhaps that is why the paper did not run a photo or else readers would realize the truth about the crowd.

The CBC did a panel on its Politics show with Don Newman featuring CLC National Organizer Mary Ellen Douglas and PPLC co-chair Maurice Vellacott. CTV also had a brief report. The Canadian Press and Toronto Sun, both which failed to cover the March, however did cover a pseudo-controversy stemming from the March for Life after it was discovered that a trademarked government of Canada word mark was mistakenly used on two banners.

March for Life 2007 co-chair Frank Mountain called this year’s March “fabulous” as he described the “great time” and “good crowd” we had. “Pro-life crowds are always happy. You don’t get negatives at all … Everything seemed to go smoothly,” he told The Interim newspaper. The highlight? Everything. Even the weather was fine. It seems that every year the specter of rain is in the air but that the sun fights its way to shine through. This year was no different; at noon, the radio stations reported a storm watch for the capital region but we experienced no rain or thunder.

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