Monday, June 11, 2007

Few donating to stem cell bank in Quebec

This French article says that Hema-Quebec, the organization that handles blood products in Quebec, is having trouble finding donors for its stem cell bank. Well, they call it a stem cell bank, but after looking up the website, I sense that calling it a "stem-cell" bank is a PR move to profit from all the attention stem cells are receiving, because really what they're looking for is bone marrow. The prospect of donating bone marrow-- sounds like it involves a lot of needles.

I didn't go through the website in depth, but I notice they do not explain the donor process. Another prospect that makes me leary.

Note, they will only take donors aged 18-50-- of men or women who have never been pregnant (because pregnancy produces anti-bodies).

Really, pro-lifers should be promoting this among high school students. If we want scientists and the medical profession to rely on adult stem cells, we have to provide the supply. Otherwise they may turn to embryonic stem cells because they're easier to get.

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