Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hawaii considering unborn victims of crime law

"If we can make it a felony to kill pets, why can't we make it a felony to kill an unborn fetus?" asked Mizuno (D, Alewa Heights-Kalihi), who will introduce the bill to the Legislature next year.


A similar bill was proposed two years ago, but it failed to move out of committee in part because it was seen as an attack on abortion rights.

"If somebody attacks a pregnant mother who wants to have the child, and attacks with the intent to kill the fetus or recklessly kills the fetus, that should be a crime in Hawaii," Honolulu Prosecutor Peter Carlisle said yesterday.


Any potential law would not apply to fetuses that die as a result of their mother's drug use, an issue the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled on in 2005. The court decided that manslaughter charges couldn't be brought against Tayshea Aiwohi because her methamphetamine use harmed a fetus, not a person.

Yeah, you can't pump a dog full of drugs. But an unborn baby human? That's A-OK!

By the way, Hawaii is one of the places in the US with the least stringent abortion laws. I look forward to seeing how this pans out.


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