Monday, June 18, 2007

Pining for the good old days...when women aborted

It seems like ancient history at this point, but as one who came of age as a 1970s Ivy Leaguer, no self-respecting career-oriented peer who conceived out of wedlock would have considered bringing that pregnancy to term.

That's right. Your views are antiquated. The "superwoman" ideal is passé. Get with the times, lady.

Her point was that in the 1950s they were shunned as pariahs. Yet her praise is misplaced. The data show that children born to unwed mothers are more likely to remain caught in the cycle of poverty, less likely to earn college or other degrees or to get good jobs. So why celebrate unwed motherhood?

Single motherhood isn't a state to be praised, not something to seek out. But single mothers are to be commended for going against the odds.

And what's wrong with living life without a college degree or a good job?



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