Thursday, June 07, 2007

John Tory will Lose the Ontario Provincial Election

Cerberus thinks Dalton McGuinty will win the Ontario provincial election on October 10th.

Rather, I think John Tory will lose it.

Mike Harris won for a number of reasons: one is that people were sick on the NDP. Two, he promised a Common Sense revolution that was thoroughly conservative (except on the social front, but still a vast improvement.)

John Tory isn't promising anything of the kind. Sure, some of his team are leftovers from the Harris regime, but the tone of the campaign itself, has nothing to do with the Common Sense revolution.

Why would a voter choose Liberal-lite when they can have the real thing by voting for McGuinty? Why would a conservative vote for Tory? There are other choices (like the Family Coalition Party of Ontario) or he can stay home on election day.

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