Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pro-aborts: It's a stupid contest, but take it seriously

It looks like the poor-choicers are now getting out the serious ammunition for the CBC's Wish List contest as pro-legalized-abortion activist Joyce Arthur has called for people to vote for the pro-abortion wish on rabble.

The gals at Birth Pangs are in on it, too. They dismissed it at first, but now that they have their marching orders, they're on the case.

And no fern hill, there is no obligation to link to any cited blogpost. Just ask Debra Scott about her post on the March for Life Canada wordmark.

For a woman who does not have the nerve to call me by my name on Bread and Roses, she sure has a lot of nerve calling me on a link based on some imaginary bloggers' code.

Birth Pangs also failed to mentioned that what angered me was not their call to action-- that was to be expected-- but the fact that Audra Williams specifically said "I don't care if you're in Canada".

I note her silence on the issue of using non-Canadians to freep this contest, when it's a wish for Canada. If pro-lifers had done the same thing, you know they would have complained about it.

And no, when pro-lifers moblize to win a contest, it's not "hijacked". It's called winning. Leftists may live their own bubble when it comes to ideas about competition, but most people understand that when there's a contest, you're not entitled to win just because you are left-wing. You are entitled to win when you moblize. And yes it is fair, because that's what a contest is all about.

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