Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pro-choicers recruit Non-Canadians for Wish List

As you may know from my sidebar, the CBC is organizing the Great Canadian Wish List. The poor-choicers are in a panic because "Abolish Abortion" is number one right now. In order to bump pro-lifers out first place, they have sunk to recruiting non-Canadians, as per Audra Williams' livejournal entry:

Do people know about the CBC Facebook thing? I've not read a ton about it because I tend to ignore things that seem to involve making social change through joining facebook groups, BUT. BUT. The Top Wishes are being written about and reported on, and right now they are:

Top Wishes By Membership

Abolish Abortion in Canada: 2996
For a spiritual revival in our nation: 1374
I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice: 1349
Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage: 946

It's pretty gross. I'd like to bump the social conservatives down on the list, so I'm asking folks to to join the Pro-Choice group. I don't care if you're in Canada. I don't know if Facebook or the CBC cares. And pass around the link. I think it's stupid to have to put any effort into things like online polls and petitions, but I think the optics on this are bad, and I think it matters. Only a bit, of course, but it's only a bit of effort to sign on as a supporter of the pro-choice group.

A number of people have accused the pro-lifers in the Wish List group of recruiting Americans, sock-puppetry and other dishonest tactics. Speaking strictly for myself, I unequivocally deny all such allegations. I do not engage in sock puppetry. I did not knowingly recruit Americans ( I found some were American after the fact). I have discouraged at least one American that from voting. I have made a point in emphasizing that I want only Canadians to sign up for the contest.

This was all done honourably.

But it seems that when the going gets tough, using Americans to rescue them is okay to some Canadians.

Now, you might object that the Wish List rules do not state that Americans can't vote. That is true. But you know that if Canadian pro-lifers had recruited Americans-- and we could have easily done that-- they would have been the first to denounce the Americanization of Canada, and the dishonest tactics. Some of them don't seem to mind those tactics when they're losing themselves.

Just remember: what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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