Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If socialists had their way with Catholic clerics...

If there's one thing that history teaches us about the relationship between socialists and the Church, is that socialists will not brook any dissent. Apparently, there are people in Mexico trying to silence the Church in the wake of its vehement, vocal and blunt support of the human rights of unborn child.

For simply speaking out on a moral issue, Catholic clerics are threatened with legal action.

This also happens with same-sex marriage in Canada. Canadians who try to promote a traditional vision of chastity are threatened with being charged for hate crimes, or with being brought before hate crimes tribunals, or some other form of persecution.

This is why it's important to uphold natural rights-- because the moment a regime that does not support those rights takes hold, you can bet your bottom dollar that Catholics will be among the first to be silenced.

One last note: I find it interesting though, that in spite of the state-sanctioned persecution of the Church, Mexican bishops are vocal and blunt, whereas in Canada, where we've enjoyed religious liberty, you can hardly hear a peep from the clergy on the abortion issue.

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