Monday, June 11, 2007

VIDEO: The 'A' Word-- Episode 1 Part 3- Vancouver

This is a segment of a documentary series produced by a filmaker who went across Canada to ask people about their views on abortion. It wasn't to push any particular view, simply to get feedback.

What I notice about the opinions in this video is how hesistant and soft they were. Now, it could be that people are caught a little off guard and they don't show their true feelings about the issue. But I sense that the people were sincere. That's nothing more than a hunch on my part.

If pro-lifers would just get off their butts and simply educate people, we could gain some serious momentum. Vancouver, which is hardly a hotbed of social conservatism, showed a lot of promise-- maybe not for a full ban, but certainly for more restrictions.

Pro-lifers have been told forever that no one takes them seriously. I think pro-lifers have internalized that "self-hatred" if you will and basically gave up. Oh sure, we won't convince the glitterati of our point of view, but I think average people are more open, especially when presented with facts and figures. There does exist a certain bank of sympathy of the unborn child that we have not been able to take advantage of. In the age when the elites had a media monopoly, we might have had an excuse, but we don't any more.

If we speak up-- gently, nicely, in a straightforward fashion, factually and logically-- people will listen. They will give us a hearing. Most people are in the middle, and most people are fair.

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