Friday, June 29, 2007

Wish List: It's a contest, not a poll

Yet another blogger laments that the "Abolish Abortion" wish is not representative of the Canadian public.

It's a contest. People seem to lose sight of the fact. It doesn't call itself a poll, it doesn't claim to represent the majority of wishes.

This contest requires to get as many people as possible to vote for a wish. The wish with the most votes wins.

It's not more complicated than that.

The pro-lifers were the most successful group in mobilizing. We won fair and square.

What are they thinking when they confuse polls and contests? Is it because it involves the CBC that they believe it should be representative of all Canadians?

Guess what? Social conservatives have been shut out of the CBC for decades. We are entitled to represented too, given that it's our tax money that is paying for the Corps.

Not only do the loudest groups get their views promoted to the top on Facebook, but they also get the resultant mess aired on CBC,and their issues brought to the forefront, no matter how divisive or irrelevant.


Political issues are divisive, period. It seems the left doesn't have a problem being divisive-- so long as they are winning. Just take the same-sex marriage debate. That was incredibly divisive, but no one called them that when they brought it up..

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