Friday, July 13, 2007

Head of Swiss Jesuits rejects CDF document

Radio Ville-Marie reports that Albert Longchamps, the provincial of the Jesuits of Switzerland, rejects the CDF's clarification on the nature of the Church.

" The Catholic cannot renounce her identity, and no one is asking her to do this. But to present herself as the only church possessing all the elements willed by Christ...this is not defendable. Vatican II affirmed that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, but the phrase at the time was seen as an opening. Today,the meaning that we attribute to is one of closure."

The Provincial believes that the Vatican does not respect the particularities of countries like Switzerland and Germany, and that creates a problem for ecumenical dialogue.

Carindal Ratzinger was at Vatican II. I think he knows what was meant.

When, when, when, is the Church going to crack down on these liberals?

I'm glad the church issues clarifications. We need them.

But there is never a reprimand, never a canonical penalty of any kind for making such a grossly erroneous and purposely dissentful statement.

As long as the Church never rebukes anyone who dissent, dissent will continue to flourish.

And I note Radio Ville-Marie didn't bother to counter the statement. It has a bad habit of doing that.

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