Monday, July 16, 2007

On courage and leadership

The trepidation of our elected leaders to address "divisive issues" for fear of electorate reprisal is precisely the evidence we have to prove two main points: Legislators and would-be legislators are far more interested in a career in politics than achieving change; and that partisanship continues to replace citizenship as the driving force in our capital cities....

Those who stood up and finally took a stand on "divisive issues" ended slavery. Those who overcame the fear of losing power and chose rather to lead the People ended fascism in Europe and obliterated a tyrannical empire in Japan.

Power and leadership are mutually exclusive, folks. Lead and you may gain legitimate power. Impose your power upon others and you may be called a leader; however the leadership is illegitimate. Run from the divisive issues and you're no leader at all....


H/T:Jill Stanek.

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