Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Feminist supremacy strikes again

Mindelle Jacobs writes:

And the Catholic church will keep its head in the sand, it seems, while scores of women die. Zygotes matter. Women don't.

Mindelle Jacobs' comment tells me that she does not care about human life.

She only cares about some human beings.

She does not care about all human beings.

Her solution to the problem of hunger?

Give a woman an abortion.

The solution is not: let's value both parties, and see how we can accommodate the needs of both.

Only women matter. Unborn people don't.

Feminist supremacy strikes again. Topped off with a heavy dose of anti-Catholic bigoted rhetoric. Especially when you consider that the Catholic Church does more for more people around the world than almost any other collective body.

Talk is cheap.

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