Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Use contraception and you're more likely to abort

This caught my eye:

The contraceptive habit more or less alienates the woman from her feminine self. Her attitude towards sexual intimacy and her sexual functions coarsens and becomes more vulgar, less refined, less respectful, more superficial. By repressing her nuclear, loving, self she in fact nourishes a self-centered and selfish lifestyle and this makes it more difficult to welcome a new, unplanned, pregnancy (for contraception is far from perfect). In short, the contraceptive habit conditions the mindset that makes abortion possible. Surely, many contracepting women shrink back from this step, but not seldom their daughters, who are deeper into the contraceptive mentality (maybe, also by their mothers’ example and advice), eventually do not. The connection however is undeniable: the more the contraceptive mentality reigns in a family, or in a social group, the more abortions will take place. It is a bitter reality that every couple who practice contraception reinforce the climate that favors abortion, to a degree. Some women may object, “Oh, no, I am a Christian, I am on the pill but would never abort!” In the same way, young men may imagine they will never commit acts of violence, however, once in a war situation, many might be disappointed in themselves. - Women who never thought they would abort, nevertheless have done it (when they judged their situation “extraordinary”). And all this apart from the fact that modern contraception is more or less abortive itself: IUD’s, morning after pills, Depo-Provera, Norplant, and sometimes even the usual low-dose combined pill. Women who know this, and take the risk of a consciously unaware early abortion, make it clear that their threshold to abortion has lowered already.

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