Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gross pictures have been used by other groups

Many people are absolutely disgusted with the CCBR's use of The Little Truck of Abortion Horrors. However, they are not the only group that has used this tactic:

Using arresting, even horrifying, pictures to either stop some practice or to motivate people to donate has been stock in trade for many organizations for years. Aside from the lungs poster, I'm thinking of images I have seen of people with leprosy, the distended bellies of starving children, tsunami victims, the results of drunk driving sponsored by groups such as MADD and CounterAttack, the unforgettable picture of those Vietnamese children running in terror---one could go on.

Seldom is the use of such images condemned. But pictures of the results of abortion appear to draw significant opprobrium from groups at various places on the pro-life, pro-choice, pro-abortion spectrum. I suppose the question is, should anyone condone their use? How are they different from lungs?

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