Thursday, August 16, 2007

If Liberals and NDP field more women, they'll win (SIC!)

U.S. research shows that educated people are far more likely to vote than those with less formal schooling. And we all know that women are quickly becoming much more educated than men. Worse yet for the Conservatives is a small but interesting trend reported in a 2005 U.S. study. Research found that female Democratic candidates who faced Republican men strongly benefited from female Republican voters' crossover support.

***So all the Liberals and the NDP have to do is field more women ...

Wait a minute....

Put a woman candidate with identical values as a male candidate, and the women will vote for her?

Even if that were true (which I doubt), how stupid is that?

You vote for people based on plumbing?

You vote for people based on psychological make-up?

How about just voting for people based on their competence?

Pretty revolutionary idea.

Here's the thing: it's not really about putting women in power.

It's about putting feminists in power.

I could found an all-female so-con party, field 308 female candidates, win a majority government and the feminists would still not be happy.

Why? Because they wouldn't like the so-con party policies. It would not matter if we were staffed entirely with women, they would be absolutely upset with our platform. There is this unconscious belief that if women are promoted, women will toe the feminist line. (And if they don't, they're puppets taking orders from men).

Remember when Thatcher was in power? Were the feminists happy? No. Because she promoted "patriarchy". Nevermind that no one could accuse her of taking orders from anyone.

It's not autonomy and independence that count. It's ideology.

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