Saturday, August 25, 2007

Illegal abortionist advertizes 7 month abortions in South Africa

Backstreet abortionists are openly plying their trade in Johannesburg's central business district and are advertising their services in at least one daily newspaper.

What has shocked authorities is these practitioners offering to provide "safe abortions" for pregnancies of up to seven months.

Even in the case of legal abortions, no woman who is over 12 weeks pregnant can demand to have a termination.

In South Africa, where abortion has been legalised, no woman may terminate a pregnancy after five months unless it is crucial to save the baby or the mother's life. Two doctors need to agree on this.

"Salim", who advertised "same-day abortion, free cleaning, 100 percent safe", was asked if it was possible to terminate a seven-month pregnancy. He said it was no problem and promised that there would be no pain. The entire procedure, he said, would take just three hours.

To think, we legalized killing the unborn child just so that we could be rid the world of shady characters like this.

Do feminists care about the incredible pain the unborn child must suffer?


These women need help, not an abortion.


The Saturday Star faxed copies of the advertisements to the national and provincial health departments. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang's national office responded: "Whoever sees these adverts should report it to the police and the people advertising should the be charged under the provisions of the Act, if they cannot prove that their practices are accredited to terminate pregnancies after 12 weeks of gestation".

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