Monday, August 13, 2007

Imagine being aborted by digoxin injection

I think this story misses a point.

When abortionists inject digoxin, they're often aiming for the heart of the unborn child. About half the time they succeed.

Imagine it. You're about a foot long safely snug inside your mom's womb, when along comes this gigantic sharp needle aiming at your heart.

A needle isn't that big to us-- but when you're a foot long, it's huge.

And this needle is coming at your heart. Imagine how much that would hurt!

And then, as if that doesn't hurt enough, there is an injection of digoxin or potassium chloride...and then you suffer a heart attack.

I do think pro-lifers should underscore this point.

It is an excruciatingly painful procedure for the baby.

Do feminists give a damn about the suffering of the baby?

No, they don't care. They only care about their sacrosanct ideology. If a baby has to suffer because of it, tough luck.

Very callous.

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