Monday, August 13, 2007

Pro-aborts never take up the challenge

Nigel Hannaford says what I've been saying all along:

Displaying the bloody results is for them [pro-lifers], a challenge to the other side to justify what they do.

To the best of my knowledge, that challenge has never been effectively met on its own terms by anybody representing the abortion industry. Rather, they will attempt to reframe the debate as one of women's health, or rights.

They don't show the truth about abortion.

They never discuss the status of the fetus.

Joyce Arthur has been known to say that pro-lifers have lost the debate because they bring up the fetus.

Okay. Then wouldn't the most convincing argument on abortion be about the fetus? Just say: you know what? The fetus isn't important (which is what she says) and that's that. Next issue.

They can't face the fetus. They have to hide that issue. Because it really muddies their PR campaign now, now doesn't it?

Most Canadians don't support equality for the unborn child. They also don't support the lack of legal status for unborn children. If feminists were to make public what they really think of the fetus, most Canadians would be outraged at how callous feminism is towards the fate of a fellow human being and a woman's offspring.

It would certainly turn the tide for the pro-life movement if they did.

That's why they don't take up the fetus issue. It's a loser for them at this stage in the game. Feminists say that the pictures make a complex issue simple.

The problem is, they've simplified the issue to being: the fetus is a nothing. And those pictures blow that belief out of the water.

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