Friday, August 24, 2007

When you protest, be competent protesters

I found myself nodding in agreement with Mentarch over the protests against the SPP:

Serious, competent protesting citizens do not pay attention to the police. When, or if, they encounter a police line, they stand in front of it but refrain from engaging the police officers - after all, the objective here is to express your message, not duke it out with the police


The point here is that anarchist kiddies, in their little adolescent minds (regardless of their actual age), can do one thing and one thing only: "rebel" against authority. They must confront it to satisfy their petty needs at "self-expression". All in all, this is nothing more than empty, self-gratifying, pent-up-emotions-liberating, immature protesting.

Violence is the last refuge of incompetence - the Sixth Principle of Incompetence - and anarchist kiddies are the epitome of this.

Did you ever notice that police never have to intervene in the March for Life or LifeChain?

Normally, the worst that happens at a pro-life protest is an argument.

That's because pro-lifers aren't out to provoke police. Anarchists have a history of provoking police. So of course they will show up if the anarchists show up.

Want to get rid of the tear gas problem? Get rid of the anarchists or at least the anarchist behaviour. There's no reason for lefties not to be able to protest...except for the trouble-fĂȘte who insist on turning the demonstration into an intifada. When I think of the summit of 2002, and how my hometown of Quebec City was turned into an armed camp because of these jerks, it burns me.

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