Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why women choose abortion

I got this from a Facebook group. Jakki Jeffs from Alliance for Life Ontario, writes:

I have been involved in pro-life education for 22 years and the reason women have abortions is because they are abandoned, scared or both. They believe they have no other choice. A majority of women are pressured by the father of their child to abort even being threatened with abandonment if they consider bringing the child to birth. No girl/woman I have ever spoken with has "chosen" abortion - they resort when they see no other way.

Teenagers, cannot see how they can bring the child to birth and continue with their education. Society on the whole does not want to get involved - it might mean we have to change our timetable and actually listen to these women and provide the emotional, physical, spiritual or practical help they need. In our self-centred world not many want to sacrifice anything for another.

At conception/fertilization - we have a new human being all ready to grow and share his or her talents with the world. She is precious because of her humanity - however she can display it during her growth. We may not place arbitrary lines to exclude her because it is wrong and threatens us all. Her humanity gives her an inalienable right to life and our Canadian laws should be changed to protect her life.

My experience with young and older women who are in crisis pregnancy tells me that all they need is support and the chance to see that they will get through this and either parent or release their baby for adoption. Today, a mother can pick the adoptive parents and keep in touch in ways which everyone agrees.

In Canada we allow the killing of 300 unborn babies every day. Their mothers face the possible physical, emotional and psychological complications inherent in abortion. Surely as a country that is proud of its peacekeeping across the world we should stop this violence towards the tiniest members of the human family, and reach out to their mothers.

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