Monday, September 03, 2007

Botched Abortion Victim Sues Planned Parenthood Abortionist

Watch the feminists defend this incompetent "medical" professional:

According to the complaint, the woman reported to the Lincoln Planned Parenthood office on August 17, 2007, for an abortion in the 8th week of pregnancy. During the suction abortion, she felt a sharp, excruciating pain and asked abortionist Severson to stop. Three employees then held the woman down while he completed the suction process in spite of her pleas.

In the recovery area, a friend who accompanied her to the abortion clinic attempted to help her to the bathroom, but the woman, who was in intense pain and bleeding, passed out and suffered the first of three seizures.

The woman was transported by ambulance to the local hospital where doctors treated her for "catastrophic perforation" of the uterus, which would have resulted in her death if treatment had been delayed any longer.

People often don't realize that abortionists are often the bottom-feeders of the medical world. They are often people who have no else to turn to to practice medically, so they do abortions.

Safe, legal and rare. Ha.

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