Monday, September 03, 2007

Ontario pro-lifers: Vote pro-life

As you know, Ontario will be holding a provincial election on Oct. 10

I would like to encourage all pro-lifers to make the pro-life cause the number priority when they vote.

It might sound self-serving-- as I represent a pro-life party.

But I've been saying this for many years now. And it's as true as ever.

The right to life is the most important right. The unborn are being ruthlessly killed, as we have a duty to come to their aid first, as they are the most group of people in our population. Other issues are important-- but there are plenty of people dealing with them. Only pro-lifers try to save the unborn.

Some might object that fetal rights is a federal issue. That is not entirely the case. It's true that criminal law is a federal jurisdiction, but Ontario would be within it rights to regulate abortion, especially the horrific act of fetal heart injections, a method of late-term abortion whereby the fetus is injected with potassium chloride in his heart.

That method should be banned, and Ontario could ban it at a provincial level, and probably save some babies in the process.

You might believe that a pro-life vote is a wasted vote, especially as regards the Family Coalition Party.

That is not true.

The PC's, in general, have not earned pro-life votes. They haven't done a thing for the unborn child. Or social conservatives in general. If anything, the party is working against social conservatism.

They have not tended to their conservative base. They have completely taken conservatives for granted and moved to the left, thinking that other conservatives have no place else to go.

If you blindly give the PC's your vote, you are rewarding their actions.

But could that mean the election of a Liberal government?

It could. But then, what would be the difference with a PC government? Would it do anything for the pro-life cause, or social conservatism in general?

The answer is no.

PC organizers will pay attention if they lose votes to the Family Coalition Party. Right now, we are running the most number of candidates we have ever had. Because of the PC shift to the left, we are getting a lot of interest.

If PC's lose votes to the FCP (and possibly other parties) they will realize that they can't just recruit right-wingers to do their dirty work, and then go left. They have to be consistent with conservative values-- they have to consider the family.

They have to have something to offer to make you vote for them.

That is one valuable role that the Family Coalition Party plays. We offer competition. We make PC's accountable. The Family Coalition Party does not feel entitled to your vote-- but the PC's do.

If you reward their actions, you can expect more of the same.

I am not saying you should FCP or PC automatically-- obviously, I'm biased and have an opinion. I am simply saying don't blindly give support to a PC candidate. Find out if he's pro-life. Find out if he is willing to take the initiative on the issue.

If pro-lifers continue to NOT vote pro-life, they will only have themselves to blame for the abortion situation. We have the ability, collectively, to elect pro-life officials and make a stronger stance. We just don't. It's up to each and every one of you individually to make a point of voting pro-life, and encouraging the pro-lifers around you to to do the same.

So please, do the right thing and vote according to pro-life principles. Vote for pro-life candidates. Tell Red Tories that your votes are not to be taken for granted.

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