Wednesday, September 05, 2007

FCP, Greens, unhappy about being excluded from debates

The Toronto Star had a short blurb about Green Party leader Frank De Jong's reaction to being excluded from the Sept. 20th leadership debates.

As you might expected, he isn't happy.

And I know that the FCP leadership isn't happy either. After all, it's going to be broadcast on TVO, which means taxpayer money is going towards favouring one set of leaders over another.

I figure in this day and age, we don't need the MSM. We just need some initiative. Why not have an internet-based debate between the smaller parties-- the Greens, FCP, Freedom, and whoever else wants to join in.

It would give an opportunity to the voters to see different perspectives.

Seeing as I am involved in the elections, I can't really take the initiative. But if there's some enterprising soul out there, we could make this happen.

Heck, it doesn't even have to be televised. Why not a chat debate? Okay, it's cheap, but on the other hand, with the right platform, it would be easily bloggable with the cut 'n' paste function. We could perform some serious real-time blogging.

That could be an internet event. The MSM might even pay attention to it. I suspect all the "alternative" news sources might be interested, too.

Mind you, it takes some reasonable typing skills to do this.

There might be something to do. It might need a bit more brainstorming.

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