Thursday, September 20, 2007

FCP'S Bill Murphy:Ontario wins when families win

September 20, 2007

Ontario wins when families win

Responding to the Ontario leaders' debate, Family Coalition Party (FCP) candidate Bill Murphy said: “The Tories are claiming their leader John Tory won. The Liberals are claiming Premier Dalton McGuinty won his case for re-election. But what did the Ontario family win?”

“The Ontario family deserves better than what we saw during the debate,” Murphy said.

“I kept switching to Thursday night professional wrestling and got confused between channels,” Murphy said. “The men in tights worked together better than the men in suits.”

“Instead of playing the blame game between party leaders, we need common-sense solutions to problems affecting the Ontario family.”

Murphy said the Family Coalition Party would allay the tax burden on lower and middle income families by increasing the personal and spousal income tax exemption for Ontario income tax purposes to $14,000/year.

“The FCP would grant the highest income spouse an additional tax exemption for each of the taxpayer's dependent children,” Murphy added.

“Resolving the shortage of skilled labour is another area where we must set aside partisan politics, come together for the future of our province, and put forward creative solutions,” said Murphy. “This is why the FCP supports the development of skills and knowledge, in cooperation with business, unions, and industry.”
“Scoring points in a debate doesn't resolve the everyday issues facing the average Ontario voter,” Murphy concluded. “Lower and middle income families are still struggling to make ends meet. Politicians must come together and propose new ways to reduce the tax burden on the average Ontario family. Ontario wins when politicians put families first.”

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