Thursday, September 20, 2007

Women are not a victim group

I do not appreciate the notion that the Conservative government is "misogynist" for making cuts to the Federal Status of Women Agency.

The idea that disagreeing with the feminist agenda makes you a woman hater must be refuted.

I resent feminists speaking in my name, pushing for funds in my name, and then saying that a government that I agree with is hateful towards me for doing what I want.

Feminism should not be confused with the wishes of the female population of Canada.

I wish that the mainstream media would make that clear, and not leave unchallenged the idea that all women agree with feminists, or that feminists have some kind of inherent right to speak up for all of us.

The Conservative government may be hateful towards feminism, but in my estimation, it is not hateful towards women. In fact, since it upholds the idea that women can generally take care of themselves, it is treating us like the intelligent, autonomous beings that we are, whereas feminism would have us be dependent on government largesse to be able to fulfill our potential. Women are strong and do not generally need taxpayer funds to fend for themselves.

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