Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fetal heart injections in the UK

I think all abortions should be banned, and legal recognition should be granted to the unborn child. But some abortion methods I consider to be more gross than others.

Like fetal heart injections.

In England and Wales, several hundred occur every year.

Not to mention other kinds, as per this Hansard, quoting the Secretary of State for Health.

Number of feticide interventions for abortions in 2003 and 2004, England and Wales residents

Feticide method used 2003 2004

Total feticide interventions

2003: 2,043
2004: 1,833

Urea injections
2003: 217
2004: 227

Lethal injections into the heart
2003: 395
2004: 369

Other (including cordotomy)
2003: 1,431

They may not all be late-term abortions, but you can safely assume that a lot of them are.

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