Sunday, September 09, 2007

Once again: late-term abortions do happen in Canada

Many proponents of legalized abortion believe that late-term abortions do not occur in Canada. Oh sure, they might be legal, say these proponents, but they don't occur unless it's for a very serious reason.

Once again, I have more evidence that: yes, they do happen.

And no, they don't always happen for "serious reasons".

I have here a thesis written about a baby who was killed by an injection at 27 weeks. It was published at Laval University in 2005. Judging from the medical institutions involved, the abortion took place somewhere in Quebec.

And what was the baby's crime in this case?

His Chromosome 22 had a deformity.

And what did the examination of the body reveal?

* He had low set ears
* His fingers we malformed
* His face was slightly malformed.

Otherwise, he was a reasonably healthy baby.

As the thesis concludes:

Despite the haploinsufficiency of many active genes, the fetus showed minor congenital malformations.

The thesis provides pictures of the body.

They're not that gross.

Can't accuse the pro-life side of providing fake/misleading pictures this time, right?

I like how the baby died with his mouth open. It must have hurt like hell to get that needle in the heart.

Do feminists care about the suffering of that child?


All they give a damn about is that the mother has a right to kill her baby no matter what, even when it's uncertain that the baby even has a serious issue.

How is this allowed to continue in Canada? That baby should have lived. That baby should have been cherished by his parents.

But no, thanks to feminists, that baby is dead now, because he wasn't genetically perfect.

A victim of "choice".

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