Friday, September 28, 2007

Interesting MMP search result on my blog

I was looking at my sitemeter results today when I noticed this search. It seems that someone is wondering whether MMP will lead to Islamic Parties gaining power in Ontario.

I find that interesting, because opposition to MMP has come principally from supporters of the Liberals and the PC's. They often raise the spectre of "fringe" parties gaining power.

Whatever faction one fears will be elected in the legislature is probably represented in the "big tent" parties as it is. It is not unheard of for large parties to heard non-English-speaking immigrants (of which there are numerous Muslims) to the voting booth to vote for a party, sometimes under threat of sanction, or by spreading false rumours about the opposing party (i.e. Conservatives will deport Muslims).

So if one is afraid of an Islamic party rising up, chances are, there's probably already an Islamic faction in one of the larger parties. I'm not necessarily talking about terrorists-- although I suspect they are supportive of causes that one doesn't necessarily espouse.

If one is afraid of environmentalists, feminists, pro-lifers, libertarians, hawks, doves, etc. the truth is: if you vote for a mainstream party, you are probably already voting for these people to begin with.

If you're willing to vote for them, why shouldn't they be allowed to have their own party?

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