Friday, September 28, 2007

Quebec: State-sponsored magazine says selective abortion is genocide

The Gazette des femmes is a magazine published by the Conseil du statut de la femme, the provincial Status of Women agency. Recently, It put out a press release to publicize the latest issue. Among the articles published is one written by Karina Marceau about sex selection abortion in India called "La fin des filles" ("The end of girls"). It says:

« La fin des filles » est un appel vibrant pour que cesse ce vĂ©ritable gĂ©nocide.

Translation: "The End of Girls" is a vibrant call to end this veritable genocide.

Can you believe that? A state-sponsored feminist agency, written and read by feminists, is calling sex-selection abortion a "genocide".

Very interesting.

I'm not saying feminists are going to convert to the pro-life cause tomorrow, but it's very interesting how this line was written by the PR person in a feminist agency. And they seem very comfortable with this topic and the labelling of abortion as "genocide".

The abortion ideology will collapse due to its own internal contradictions, like communism. You cannot call sex-selection abortion a "genocide" and not regard other kinds of abortion as genocide.

I wonder if the author is favourable to criminalizing sex-selection abortion in Canada. I'm betting no, but I'd have to read the article.

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