Friday, October 12, 2007

CHP leader slags Rick Mercer: Welcome to Taliban TV

Taliban TV—in Canada

On the day before Ontario’s provincial election, CBC-TV allowed comedian Rick Mercer to slag proportional representation—one of the issues on which Ontarians were still voting.

In times past—when I worked for the CBC, for instance—the public broadcaster tried to remain assiduously silent, or at least neutral, on a topic that was before the voters.

Mr. Mercer’s “comedy” routine was actually more of a rant: he ascribed “faults” to the PR system, including—wait for it—suggesting that “the Family Party”, or even the Taliban, could end up holding the balance of power.

The Taliban? Are they a party in Canada?

Well, no. But Mr. Mercer wanted to get in a sly dig at any party with any religious orientation—especially at Ontario’s Family Coalition Party [get the similarity of name? nudge, nudge, wink, wink] which is strongly pro-life and pro-family, like the CHP is on the federal scene. If he sees no difference between religions, he won’t be able to see any distinction between parties with a Judeo-Christian orientation and the Taliban. When ignorance is comedy, it doesn’t pay a comic to be informed.

Parties that represent moral values speak for a viewpoint he disagrees with, so Mr. Mercer uses taxpayer-funded TV to attack them. In a democracy, however, the correct response is to vote for someone else, not to mock parties whose policies you don’t like by implying they’re homicidal totalitarians like the Taliban.

Let’s be clear: the Taliban are oppressive bullies who won’t allow any other point of view. We don’t have an official party like that in Canada.

We do, however, have a powerful unofficial party like that: the networks of militant homosexual activists who try to silence any critical comment. Aided, of course, by the major television networks—which repeatedly exhibit their pro-homosexual and anti-Christian biases—like the CBC (with Mr. Mercer’s rant) or CTV, which (as a sponsor of Toronto’s obscene “gay pride” parade) can no longer be trusted to report objectively on contentious issues like special rights based on sexual appetites.

So, Canada: welcome to Taliban TV—starring Rick Mercer!


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