Friday, October 12, 2007

The uterus as a good little trooper

Some women think abortion is a sacrament:

"When my turn came I stretched out on the table, feet in the stirrups, ready to let my little darling go. ... I realized that, even if my head and my heart accepted the loss, my uterus still saw it as a mortal threat and was protesting with all its strength in an effort to protect its little lodger. I was very proud of my uterus for doing its job so well! ... The next day life went back to nromal. But curiously, several friends I met asked me: 'What's going on with you? You're so radiant today, you're absolutely glowing.' What's going on is that I've just had an abortion and lived an impossible love and accomplished a great reconciliation with myself. But it was my secret and my gift." (Ginette Paris, The Sacrament of Abortion)

H/T: Real Choice.

I thought real feminists didn't self-identify with their uteruses.

"Great reconciliation with myself". You can't make this up, as Christina says.

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