Monday, October 08, 2007

Colorado City Suppresses Pro-Lifers' Free Speech


Durango, CO ( -- The city of Durango, Colorado is going after pro-life advocates participating in the 40 Days of Life campaign that displaying signs for the campaign in their own yards without first obtaining a $20 permit is a violation of city code. The yard signs read, "Pray to end abortion" on one side, and "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you - God" on the other. The "40 Days for Life" logo is on the signs. Earlier this week, the city sent a two-page letter to the local pro-life group sponsoring the campaign saying that the yard signs don't qualify for an exemption to the sign code, and each sign requires a permit, which if approved, costs $20. Michaela Dasteel, director of LifeGuard, said the city is using its sign code to suppress the pro-life movement there. "We know that there is a clear agenda in this town to support Planned Parenthood, and (the city) is using their interpretation of the law" to do it, Dasteel said. The group has hired Durango lawyer William Zimsky to investigate whether the city's sign code violates the Constitution. Zimsky said the city allows commercial signs to be displayed without a permit - including real-estate signs and "now open" signs - but the city prohibits noncommercial signs expressing views, "and we believe that is unconstitutional." "Our main beef is they're allowing commercial signs to be put up without a permit, but they're not allowing noncommercial signs to be put up without a permit."


Why in the world would a city impose a fee to put a sign on your own lawn?

That is so stupid.

Did no one think: hm, maybe that might violate free speech and be challenged in court and we'd have to use tax payer money to defend it...?

I guess not.

I hope they sue their butts and Colorado City is properly shamed for its repression of a basic right.

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