Sunday, October 07, 2007

A sixteen-year-old gets it right on the liturgy

Sixteen-year-old Ethan Milukas should be congratulated for speaking out against those horrible "teen masses".

Adults don't teach kids the faith. Then they think the masses need to be "dumbed down".

Teach the faith, and the masses don't need to be dumbed down.

Mr. Sterne in his letter gives voice to the opinion of many of today’s liturgists when he says that no one from a younger generation would be drawn to the Latin Mass (many take this even further and assume that we would not like a reverent Novus Ordo Mass either). This opinion causes many of those who plan modern liturgies to do veritable back flips in an attempt to draw teenagers and young adults in. Sometimes this works, but it has a side effect: by doing these things, liturgists show that they have absolutely no faith in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to change the lives of those in my generation. My generation knows about this lack of faith, we are able to see it every time we go to a “teen Mass” and experience priests ad-libbing prayers in an attempt to make them more relevant to us.

This lack of faith backfires; it sends us the message that we also should distrust the power of the liturgy, and it also can turn the Mass into something of a joke.

And this contributes to kids not wanting to go to Mass.

Just teach the faith and they will come.

H/T: What Does The Prayer Really Say? via Free North America

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