Monday, October 08, 2007

Exmple #994382 of a poor-choicer not confronting the issue

I don't know why I should be amazed at some of the hallucinatory things that poor-choicers believe. But I am.

Amanda Marcotte thinks that pro-lifers push an "abortion is icky" argument.

She thinks it starts and stops there.

after all, and anti-choicers, knowing this, don't bother to use real arguments most of the time and just bombard people with provocative pictures of bloody fetuses and lurid descriptions of the process of an abortion, and let people's disgust take over their logical thought processes.

Yeah, that's why abortion pictures are so controversial even among pro-lifers-- we're all flashing abortion pictures, none of us are engaging in debate, putting forward biological facts, scientific research and philosophical arguments our arguments. [*roll eyes*].

Is this woman blind?

And then she makes an amazing leap of logic. She starts writing some crazed fantasy about pro-lifers wanting to ban menstruation:

The "abortion is icky" argument is such that the anti-choice crowd could easily start agitating for a ban on menstruation without skipping a beat.

Once again, proof the poor-choicers do not want to confront the issue.

Abortion isn't just icky. It's icky because it kills a human being.

She conveniently omits to finish the pro-life thought, now, doesn't she?

And, omitting that necessary piece of the pro-life puzzle, she engages in this bizarre fantasy about pro-lifers wanting to ban menstruation. Her analogy might work with a hardcore poor-choice crowd, but anyone with an ounce of critical thinking realizes that the opposition of pro-lifers to abortion is not about opposing ickiness for its own sake.

Her analogy misses the element of eliminating human life, which tends to be icky, but even if it weren't so, pro-lifers would still be against it.

Oh, and to justify her fantasy, she points to this story about a girl who was asked by a security guard whether she was having her period.

Yeah a ban on backpacks in one high school is going to lead to a nationwide ban on menstruation. The paranoia.

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