Tuesday, October 09, 2007

FCP leader clarifies misconceptions about MMP

In an email to supporters, Family Coalition Party leader Giuseppe Gori cleared up some misinformation regarding the proposed MMP system.You can read the long version here.

It's really basic:

AT ELECTION TIME, the new ballot will have two sides (one ballot, TWO votes). On the second side voters will ELECT the package they like (party, party leader and party list). The electorate will have several options to choose from (all the registered parties, currently 9 but could be more). These party list candidates are ELECTED by ALL THE PEOPLE IN ONTARIO (e.g.: about 6 Million voters) and are ACCOUNTABLE to them.

If a bad apple is in the party list, then the whole party suffers. If a party list candidates does not perform, then voters will not vote for that party the next time around, thus it is the interest of the parties to choose the best criteria to select the best candidates.


-Local candidates are ELECTED individually by local voters in a riding.

-Party list candidates are ELECTED as a group by all the voters in Ontario.

=Local candidates are accountable to local voters (about 50,000 voters)

=Party list candidates are accountable to all the voters in Ontario (about 6 Million voters)


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