Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Research dogs gets anesthetic; not aborted fetuses

In Canada, late-term abortions are often performed by administering prostaglandins, which induce labour. The fetus' heart is often (though not always) injected with a deadly substance such as potassium chloride.

So I'm browsing around the internet when I come across this research study that included dogs.

At the end of the study, the dogs were euthanized with the same method used to kill fetuses-- with the exception that these dogs were given anesthetic.

So let me get this straight. In Canada, research dogs are given the benefit of anesthetic, but not unborn children. We care more about the pain of dogs (not that we shouldn't) than we do about babies.

The abortionists who perform these abortions must realize that inducing a heart attack with potassium chloride must be a very painful method of killing a baby.

But I guess once they've abandoned the idea that they should serve the welfare of the baby, the notion they should try to limit his pain goes out the window as well.

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