Friday, October 19, 2007

Feminists: Abortion limit is "act of violence"

This sounds like something out of a bad novel.

A bunch of feminists have gotten all hyper at the suggestion by Scottish First Minister Salmond that the abortion limit by reduced to 20 weeks.

Now understand there's not a whole lot that Scotland can do to reduce the limit, as that issue is under London's jurisdiction.

Never mind that.

A group of feminists decided to create a group called (get this): WAR-- Women's Abortion Rights.

And how do they characterize lowering the limit:

"The alternative to termination is to force a woman through an unwanted pregnancy and we consider that an act of violence.

An act of violence?

The rhetorical inflation has got to stop. This is ridiculous. Stopping a woman from aborting a Down Syndrome baby is not an act of violence.

You are not going to die from a lack of abortion. You will not suffer physical harm from the lack of abortion (and even if you did, there would probably be an exception for that).

This is absolutely stupid.

She said: "We believe that the reason for making abortion a devolved issue is to further restrict women's access to terminations as demanded by interested groups such as the Catholic Church. This isn't about medical advances, it's about women's access to healthcare."

Yeah, this has strictly nothing to do with the status of the unborn child.

Again, poor-choicers who can't face the crux of the issue.

Oh, and among their allies:

WAR Scotland, which includes Scottish Women's Aid, Engender, Zero Tolerance, and NUS Scotland, will begin their campaign with a protest outside Holyrood on Thursday.

Zero tolerance? Pretty descriptive I'd say.

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