Friday, October 19, 2007

PM urged to make killing fetus a crime

The family of a woman slain while seven months pregnant wants the law changed to recognize a fetus as a person. Aydin Cocelli, 33, said he has requested a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to press the rights of "babies who died before they even opened their eyes."

"The law is wrong," said Cocelli, brother-in-law of Aysun Sesen, 25, who died Oct. 2 after being stabbed in the abdomen. Under Canadian criminal law, an unborn child is not a human being until it takes a breath. A Prime Minister's Office spokesperson said no meeting with Cocelli is planned.


I can't believe that Stephen Harper, in his heart of hearts, doesn't believe there should be some kind of provision for unborn children killed by criminals.

You know, I think this is exactly the thing Harper needs to trigger an election: an unborn victims of crime bill.

I am virtually certain that most Canadians would be amenable to this kind of bill.

If Harper can pass this bill and not trigger an election, he's as safe as any minority government can be.

Mr. Harper: do the right thing. Present an unborn victims of crime bill. You know it's the right thing to do.

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