Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Abortion should be a decision made between a woman and her doctor" Ha right!

A family doctor who is a leading campaigner against abortion is facing an inquiry by the General Medical Council after allegations that she breached ethical guidelines by trying to dissuade patients from having a termination.
The medical regulator is looking into the conduct of Tamie Downes, a West Country GP, whom critics accuse of trying to promote her anti-abortion views while patients are confused about their pregnancy.

What if you happen to happen to have a dissenting medical view on the physical or psychological consequences of abortion? What if, in your professional opinion, it would be a bad idea for a woman to have an aboriton?

In the end, it's all about feminist supremacy, for the pro-abortion ideologues. It has nothing to do with medicine, rights, choice, bodily control or anything else. Only feminist supremacy.The woman gets to decide for abortion, and everyone else has to comply, regardless of their opinions and the results.