Monday, November 12, 2007

Why are Canadian Politicians supporting prostitution?

It looks like a bunch of prostitutes will be opening "co-op brothels" in Vancouver during the Olympic Games.

Studies show more than 90% of women in the sex trade are not there by choice, but rather because of trafficking, drug addiction and societal problems such as incest. Ms. Benedet said the majority of Vancouver's prostitutes are native women, and many of them suffer from deep psychological trauma. Ms. Davies said the co-op has the support of federal politicians, including Liberal MP Hedy Fry and Sen. Larry Campbell, the former Vancouver mayor.

You can't make sex "a trade" and then not expect men to take the next step and victimize the prostitutes. When you're a prostitute, you're a nobody. It's complete self-dehumanization. Why would we want to perpetuate that? We should be getting the women off the streets for their own good. Not to mention to prevent all the damage to familes, the spread of disease.

There shouldn't be a dime of taxpayer money spent on this.