Friday, November 23, 2007

Christian Heritage Party Leader laid with Human Rights Complaint

[CHP Leader Ron]Gray wrote in the commentary that: "The problem with Canada's 'Cone of Silence' over the issue of homosexuality is that, like the security device in 'Get Smart', the inevitable result is that no one can communicate anything - and even the truth gets silenced."

In an exclusive interview with, Ron Gray says the complaints filed against him and his party allege they are "motivated by hate, and defaming homosexual persons."


And, he says, when he had a conversation with a Commission employee, mediator Bob Fagan, about the specifics of the allegation, he was astonished at what he heard.
"I told him that it seemed to be an abuse of the Human Rights Act for someone to try and use it as an instrument of censorship. And when I said that, on the phone, there was a pause and then he said, in a somewhat astonished tone: 'But the Human Rights Act is about censorship'. Then it was my turn to be silent on my end, because I found that breath-taking. For the Human Rights Commission's own mediator to acknowledge that censorship was the purpose of their Act."


The notion that you can be taken in front of a Human Rights Complaint for quoting a research statistic is frightening.

What else will you not be able to report?

Yes, it is all about censorship. It's about the political persecution of unwelcome ideas.

What if it's true? What is there are, proportionally, more pedophiles among homosexuals than heterosexuals? Will Ron Gray be charged for speaking an unpopular truth?

Here's an idea: when someone says that Catholic Clergy are all pedophiles, lay a Human Rights complaint on them. We know that's not even close to true. But it's a popular thing to say at this point in time.

Should people be dragged in front of a Commission for saying something that dumb (even if it is prejudiced?)

The Human Rights racket has got to be shut down. If someone thinks he has a legal case, then charge the culprit in a court of law.

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