Friday, November 23, 2007

The height of the absurd: More on the Richard Warman case

The legal complaint against Mark and Connie Fournier laid against them by Richard Warman has been posted here.

Some of the allegations are just ridiculous. When I read some of the charges, I say to myself: You can sue people for saying that?

For example, Richard Warman is suing Free Dominion because one of their posters said that he is:

* A Nazi
* A nasty piece of work
* "A felching fecalphiliac" (which he takes to mean a "sexual deviant).
* A professional complainer
* A censorship champion
* A bully
* A devoted crypto Jew, someone who attempts to disguise their true nature.
* A jackal
* A coward

And here is one remark from Mark Fournier that I thought was reasonably well thought out and yet is being cited in this case.

I believe it is the Richard Warmans who pose the real danger to society. Warman appears to believe he should be the arbiter of what speech should be free. Warman is not the solution, he is the problem. The right of freedom of speech was created to protect all members of society from the Warmans among us."

Can you imagine being sued for that? There are lots of people who would say that about their political opponents.

I think this case is dangerous. It cannot be allowed to stand.

Here's another comment that is cited, by WlyonMackenzie:

"Warman needs a re-education in libel case study ....and a well deserved boot up his obnoxious fascist ass."

72. The Posting in question contained serious allegations against the Plaintiff, clearly stating, in its plain and ordinary meaning or by virtue of surrounding circumstances which give the words a defamatory meaning inferentially or by innuendo that:

a. Plaintiff is a fascist.

That's ridiculous. People call their political opponents fascist all the time.

I hope this lawsuit is dropped for the frivolous lawsuit that it is. The notion that adolescent name-calling and subjective interpretation can be subject to the courts is truly, truly frightening.

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