Friday, December 28, 2007

Brave New World: Deaf Designer Babies

Just thought I'd bring to your attention this story about a group of activists in the UK who want the right to create deaf babies. The current reproduction law under review in Britain would make it illegal to deliberately create a disabled baby. Some activists want to be able to create deaf babies because they believe there is a deaf culture, and that parents should be able to choose to have only deaf babies so that their kids can "fit in" with their lifestyle.

Can you imagine that: the "right" to saddle your kid with a disability?

That's insane.

I can see at least one other group attempting designer babies to produce their desired handicap. There are autistic people who think that autism is just another form of "normal". I could see them wanting autistic children-- to perpetuate the culture, right?

I can't imagine there aren't other disabled people who'd want this.

In fairness, this is a small group of disabled people who favour designer babies. I imagine that most are afraid of the opposite-- of eliminating handicapped babies because of the prejudice against disability.

But feminists never saw an abortion law they liked. If it limits abortions, it's bad. And if a child has to suffer a life-long, debilitating handicap because of it, well too darned bad! When it comes to abortion, only women matter. No one else does.

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