Sunday, January 27, 2008

Abortion anarchy unleashes carnage far beyond that of killing unborn

David Warren:

There has been no end, there will be no end, to the carnage that results when a legal system abandons the principle that all human life is sacred. This principle had traditionally been extended in law, throughout Christendom, to the protection with special enthusiasm of the helpless -- from the unborn to all those enfeebled by mental and physical conditions, illness, and old age. The idea of eugenics is directly opposed to everything formative of western civilization.

A "brave new world" yawns before us, in which all kinds of eugenic intervention can be justified, now that this "antiquated" principle is removed. We may instinctively recoil from a society that extends the contrary principle from abortion to infanticide and "euthanasia," to genetic tampering that will systematically elide distinctions between human and animal life. We may recoil from our historical memory of an earlier triumph of eugenics, symbolized today by Adolf Hitler's ideal of a "master race," with the power to enslave or slaughter all "lesser" human beings at will.

Yet we no longer have an argument against it, for that argument perished when we legalized abortion. And that argument can only be resuscitated when we find a way to restore, in law and in our hearts, the sanctity of all human life.

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