Sunday, January 27, 2008

US Pro-abortion activist: We're losing the battle

"We're losing the battle, as everyone can see," said Anne Maron, chairwoman of the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Canadian Pro-Lifers: we can do the same thing. We just need more people to do something about it, and do it effectively.

"When I say I'm pro-choice, I do not mean I'm pro-abortion," said the Rev. Lucinda Laird, from St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. "Who is pro-abortion?

Radical feminists. Environmentalists. Zero Population types.

"Pro-choice gives each woman the dignity -- the respect -- to make up her own mind."

I do not need the choice of abortion to live in dignity. Nor does any woman. Killing is not dignified.

"Reproductive choice," she said, is essential for women's "full personhood."

That is sad. You need to kill to be a full person?

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