Saturday, January 26, 2008

Judy Rebick gets it wrong on abortion

In today's National Post, Judy Rebick calls the Morgentaler decision a victory for women.

Personally, I am getting tired of people calling abortion a victory in my name. It was not a victory for women but a victory for feminists and the abortion industry.

The majority of Canadians support a women's right to control her own body and have no moral problems with abortion.

Untrue. Most Canadians support some restriction on abortion. That's been shown time and again.

For me and thousands of other women who fought hard for reproductive freedom, this 20th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision striking down the abortion law is a day to celebrate.

Woohoo. 3 million dead babies. Yeah, that's something to cheer about. 3 million pregnancies that ended. 3 million stories of grief and anguish. Okay, not all abortion decisions were taken in anguish and pain, but a lot of them were.


No one has been silenced on the issue, as Barbara Kay suggested this week in her column.

Yeah right! Bus shelter ads banned in Hamilton, St. John's and Fredericton. Student pro-life groups unrecognized at Carleton, Memorial, Lakehead and Okanagan College. Almost a complete blackout on the March for Life every year.

No silencing whatsoever.

A mere .04% take place after 20 weeks and only when the health or life of the woman is at stake.

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada says you're wrong.

Most women who terminate their pregnancies after 20 weeks wanted to have a child, and were forced to consider abortion for medical reasons. Other women may be in desperate social circumstances, such as an abusive relationship, or they may be very young teenagers who have delayed abortion care because they were in denial about the pregnancy.

Yes, "social abortions" do happen late in the pregnancy.

And the fact that a baby is aborted doesn't mean he wasn't viable. Many Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida babies are aborted late in the pregnancy. These babies are viable.

While they have failed using democratic means to restrict abortion access, a fanatical anti-abortion minority fights an underground battle to limit access by intimidating doctors and hospitals. Roughly 16% of hospitals in this country provide accessible abortions and most of them are in major urban areas within 150 kilo-metres of the U.S. border.

If abortion is so inaccessible, why aren't women giving themselves coat-hanger abortions and dying from sepsis? As far as I know, that's not a major problem.

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