Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dakota Voice: on the failed SD ban

The latest abortion statistics for South Dakota were released the week before Christmas. (...)

So we passed up an opportunity to ban abortion for the 1.9% that meet the criteria of the exceptions demanded by the majority of the voters in 2006.

So 84.6% of abortions in South Dakota were done not for rape, not for incest, not for the life of the mother, and not for the health of the mother, but as retroactive birth control. The child inconvenienced the mother, so the child was disposed of.

We sacrifice the 98.1% that all but the most extreme abortion supporters say should be saved, in order to keep the right to kill the 1.9% that some say don't deserve to live.

Yeah, that is kind of sad.

Pro-lifers will try again in 2008. If the initiative gets on the ballot, I am confident it will pass and South Dakota will become the first American State to ban most abortions.

I'm upbeat about many other pro-life initiatives in several US States. Many are "personhood" initiatives. I'm uncertain if any will pass. However, the fact that they are on the ballot at all is, in itself, a victory, and will help galvanize support.

I know that the battle for the rights of unborn children will be won. It's simply a matter of time.

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