Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A ringing endorsement of the poor-choice philosophy

Christina at Real Choice has Shawn's Story, from a website that is supposed to celebrate a woman's "right to choose".

Here's an excerpt:

They never sent a counselor in with me. They didn't make me leave and come another day! I still had 5 weeks before they considered me at 13 weeks. I had plenty of time. Why didn't they help me? Why did they let me do it that day, in that state of mind?

I'm so sad... I'm so regretful for what could have been. .... I want to undo what I did but he doesn't want that. .... Will I ever get over my regret? I want my baby back.

Yeah, that just makes me gung-ho for legalized abortion! Oh yeah!

It's what pro-lifers have been saying all along...but when US pro-lifers try to implement a law precisely to do that...feminists fight it tooth and nail.

In any event, go to Real Choice and read the rest!

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