Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dawg's Blawg: Motherhood is a fetish

The pronatalist image of woman-as-mother is enormously powerful. We refer to "motherhood issues," those that require no debate because the positive side is obvious. And what images does the metaphor "motherland" conjure up? Motherhood in the abstract is presented as an unqualified good. It is, dare I say it, a fetish. And every young woman, even today, is seen as a mother or as a potential mother.

That's right folks. Now we're mother fetishists

Extolling motherhood, well, that's the equivalent to a sexual deviancy, a form of pornography.

Oh sure, he gave the necessary disclaimer: he doesn't mean to say motherhood is bad. Only that promoting the role is bad. Because it oppresses women:

But everyone knows that at present the responsibility for this is still heavily weighted towards women. It's their role.

Oh. We're so oppressed. There are countless women who are compelled into service as mothers against their will in this country. Legislate against pregnancy why don't ya!

Mothers and fetuses are fetishes. That's right folks. They're done denigrating fetuses, they're going to work on motherhood.

Do they not understand that their crusade against motherhood is precisely what has led to the low opinion of feminism.

But what am I doing giving advice to my political opponents?

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